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POWER SUPER FOODS Morning Munch Cashew Colada - 275g

POWER SUPER FOODS Morning Munch Cashew Colada - 275g

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Morning Munch feeds you over 30% of recommended daily fibre needs. SOooo deliciously!!

  • paleo, 
  • vegan 
  • source of magnesium, 
  • high in fibre, 
  • low in sodium, 
  • high in iron, 
  • source of protein.

The perfect pairing of summer-y banana and pineapple, creamy cashews and hydrating coconut, with the refreshing zing of ginger and sunshine-y yellow Calendula petals. 

Plants have power! Calendulas with their deep yellow petals are high in antioxidants and flavonoids and were used traditionally to ease stomach upset.

Morning Munch features Tiger ‘Nuts’! Not actually nuts, but small edible ancestral tubers with a naturally nut-like & somewhat sweet taste.  Chock full of crucial resistant starch, this soluble fibre acts as a prebiotic, providing powerful fuel for the beneficial bacteria (aka human microbiome) in your gut.

You’ll love this simply scrumptious blend in milk, topping smoothie bowls or yoghurt, or even snacking straight from the bag.

Ingredients: Tiger nuts, activated cashews (cashews, salt), Australian golden flax*, organic dried banana, organic coconut, organic crystallised ginger (ginger, cane sugar), freeze dried Australian pineapple, organic Australian carob powder, ginger powder, Australian macadamia oil, organic calendula petals, and a pinch of pink salt.

 *organic certified unless seasonally unavailable. This recipe is made with 85% Australian and Organic ingredients and love.

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